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select a local business, product, service or company for which you want to create a Micro-Moment video for them

Every business  needs to have a presence on YouTube.  It’s the go-to search engine for Millennials and Gen Z.

Your assignment is to select a local business, product, service or company for which you want to create a Micro-Moment video for them.

There are three steps in your journey:

1.  CREATE A MICRO-MOMENTS MAP  that predicts the moments that matter in a potential new customer’s journey.

Make your Micro-moments map similar to the one below:

Micro-Moments Map for Javier’s Mexican Restaurant

I Want To Know  I Want to Go  I Want to Buy  I Want to Do

Pricing                                        Directions                        Online ordering                           Kareoke

Type of Food                               Hours                         Credit cards accepted                 Live Music

American / Authentic      Reservations


Sit Down

Carry out


2.  WRITE A SCRIPT, make sure you are “checking all the boxes” on each of the things you identified in your MICRO MOMENTS MAP that a customer would want to know so that there is no question left unanswered.  Your map and your script should reflect the same information.

3.  GO SHOOT YOUR VIDEO.  Videos should be no more that 75-90 seconds long.  You are NOT producing a commercial per se, but it needs to have some of the elements of a commercial such as benefits, have a professional appearance, video is high quality (sound and image), edited, clean presentation, and covered all the things you identified as important in the Micro-Moments Map.

Help viewers understand your REAL LIFE experience with the company, product or service.

Videos will be graded on the messaging and overall perceived quality and effort that went into creating and making your map, script and video. (Qualitative assessment).

4.  Edit the video. It should be around 90 seconds long (max). if you go over a couple seconds, that’s fine.

4,  Upload your video on YOUTUBE.  Title it with the name of the business and Logan, UT.  For example, if you did Fizz ‘N Fries, you’d title it as: Fizz ‘N Fries, Logan Utah.  Don’t put your group’s names, or groups number, or the word micro moment in the title.  Make sure to mark it “public”.

5.  When your video is posted and live on YouTube, have ONE PERSON in your group post the URL to your video , as well as upload the micro-moment map and script (in one document please). Make sure everyone’s name is on the Micro-Moment Map.

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