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Pick any three short stories (except for “Story of an Hour”) that we’ve covered and determine the shared theme (moral lesson, truth, central message) that the stories convey.

Two people could come up with two different themes, and both could be
perfectly right. Tell us what three stories you chose and the message you see that these stories bring out.
This will be a five paragraph essay: introduction, three body paragraphs, and conclusion (3+, 8+,8+, 8+ 3+).
Your sole focus will be the theme of the stories.

The introduction will answer what, why, and how. Provide a thesis statement that clearly tells us what
stories you chose, who wrote them (the authors), and what you believe the theme to be. I’m interested in
why you chose these stories and how you came up with your theme. I’ll also need a clear plan of
development (blueprint) in the introduction. Your introduction should be about three to six sentences long.
The body paragraphs are where the magic happens. Think of this as an argumentation/persuasion
exercise where you have to prove your theme by using evidence (quotes) from the story. Show us clearly
how your theme is true in the stories. Be careful not to retell or summarize the story. Just focus on the parts
or aspects of the story that help you make your point. Your theme should, however, work with the whole
story, even though you will not highlight every part of it. Each body paragraph should be at least eight
sentences long.

Body paragraphs should also have at least two direct quotes. However, keep your quotes short and use
them well. Quoting should not try to take the place of analysis or simply fill space: it should clearly prove
any statements you make. Don’t say anything that you can’t prove from the stories.
Organization wise, please separate your body paragraphs according to story. In other words, each body
paragraph should be devoted to one story just like you did in the last assignment.
The conclusion will wrap up the paper and remind your reader of your thesis. It will probably be three to six
sentences long, like your introduction.

This paper must be typed and double-spaced. Please use a clear font.
Proofread carefully. If you have trouble with Turnitin, let me know. I will allow multiple drafts until the due date, so if you want to
submit a test document, that is fine. You will be able to overwrite drafts until the deadline.
Be careful not to plagiarize. I’ve had students fail the class because they just copy and paste tads from
various forums or steal ideas they find on the web. The best approach to this assignment is to read the
stories, determine your shared theme or central idea, and prove your point on your own.
If you choose to “reuse” bits from your first paper, please make sure you have made all corrections
suggested; otherwise, I will double the penalty for each mistake.

these sources need to be used

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