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Physical Security Assignment

For this assignment, you will do some reconnaissance as if you were a physical penetration tester performing some preliminary research on an organization prior to more in depth and targeted attacks. 5pages


  • Select an organization or building on which to perform your intelligence gathering. This could be a company you work for, a university building, a store you visit, or some company near your home. Some ideas: Walmart, the Henry Doorly Zoo, PKI, other campus buildings, Baxter Arena. You can choose others, too. These are just ideas.
  • Visit the building and investigate what physical security measures are in place. If you can take pictures without getting in trouble, go for it. If not, purely written reports are fine, too. Potential items to investigate:
    • Cameras
    • Locks (key, keypad, card access, biometric, some combination?)
    • Outer perimeter security (e.g., fences, locks, gates on outer doors)
    • Inner door security
    • Physical security of equipment (computers, etc.)
    • Lighting
    • Sensors
    • Fire suppression
    • Security guards or other personnel
    • Anything else related to physical security as outlined in the book
  • Create a report on the organization’s physical security. Describe what you found. What resources were clearly secured, and what were not. For the physical security controls you found, were they designed for deterrence, denial, detection, or delay?
    • 25 points will be for the thoroughness and quality of the report on existing measures. You must include descriptions of at least 10 physical security controls of various types.
    • 25 points will be for recommendations. In addition to reporting on what is there, you will provide recommendations for how an organization might improve its physical security. Provide at least 5 concrete recommendations for what an organization could change. Include justification for why the recommended changes should be implemented. At least three of those recommendations must include cost estimates and be reasonably priced for the organization (not a $300,000 man trap for a 2-person shop). The rest can be regular recommendations, or you can have some fun and research ridiculously expensive security solutions to guard your local Walmart.

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