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Jewish American culture



#5 Culture: 

Jewish American culture.


Assignment Purpose.

Practicing cultural competence will be a lifelong activity, but also a very practical one.  One of the practice is to see how information is distributed around you.  Access to information is no longer our problem, now it is instead how we actively or passively consume information, our critical selection of information and our re-distribution of information.  Stereotypes and biases feed on the resistance to diverse and varied sources of information.  And this can happen very quickly and subconsciously.   Becoming more conscious of our intake of information and our role in distributing information is a part of our journey of becoming culturally competent.  With that in mind, I propose that we exercise thoughtful and conscious diversification of information through a positive cultural social media posting exercise within our course.

****Something positive about the JEWISH AMERICAN CULTURE**


So psychobehavioral modality is about the mode of activity that a particular culture prefers (doing, being, becoming). Find an article that sheds some light on that and write a short paragraph to discuss which mode that culture prefers.  Then write a second paragraph to compare that mode of activity to your own culture.  If the culture you are assigned is the same as your own- then please use this paragraph to provide examples of that in your culture (if you disagree, then write about that).\


Assigned culture: ARAB and muslim AMERICAN culture

Find a short video on your culture that addresses the most common stereotypes and misconceptions of the culture?  Make sure that it does not perpetuate the misconceptions but clears them up.  Provide a sentence or two as an introduction to the video (so we know what we are about to watch).

Assigned culture: ARAB and muslim AMERICAN culture

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