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Have we as a society done enough to promote equality for all citizens

We’ve studied Civil Liberties and Equal Rights, and I’m sure you have lots of thoughts about the status of liberties and rights in America today. I’d like for you to reflect briefly on the status of civil liberties and equal rights. Here are some ideas for things you might talk about (but what I really want is your reflection about the state of civil rights in America today):

Have we as a society done enough to promote equality for all citizens?
Have we done too much?
Do we still need to provide assistance to historically underprivileged groups?
Has the time passed when that assistance was needed or productive?
Have we achieved equality, or nearly so? If not, will we ever achieve true equality?
Should we be tearing down public statues of people like Civil War generals?

What do you think?

Length: 300 words minimum
MLA format

No citations required, but you are should certainly cite anything you use that is not original, of course.

DUE DATE as shown in the course schedule

The submission link will be available starting November 11.

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