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evaluate the relative resource fit and strategic fit of the organizations that partnered in the technological innovation


Collaborations tend to be most successful when the partners have a good strategic fit as well as a good resource fit. Using the organization and technological innovation you researched for Assignment 6, evaluate the relative resource fit and strategic fit of the organizations that partnered in the technological innovation. In hindsight, might there have been another organization or organizations that would have had a better overall fit for this collaboration? Explain. If you cannot find details on the partners and the strategic relationship, select another organization and technological innovation that interests you and has more publicly available information on the collaboration partners.

Formatting guidelines: 2-3 pages, double spacing, and citations in APA format



Assigment 6

Samsung is a South Korean company popular for the production of electronic devices. Even though the company is based in South Korea, its products are supplied and used globally. The company has been able to attract more customers, enhance customer loyalty and deal with competition through the adoption of technological innovation. They have been able to come up with products that match the existing and arising demands of its consumers (Wedell-Wedellsborg & Miller, 2014). Samsung has to be alert on the customer’s changing needs. It helps in coming up with innovations to match the new demands. It is the best approach of dealing with competition.

Among the many innovations, micro-bit is one of the developments associated with this company. Samsung developed an official micro: bit app which allowed mobile devices to connect to the Micro: bit. The invention of the Micro: bit app permitted users to code wirelessly and carry out their activities effectively. This increased efficiency for users because wireless coding was efficient and less tedious since people were saved from having to carry cables with them (PAUL, 2015).

This was an incremental innovation because Samsung used the existing technology to add more value to the customers (Datta, Mukherjee & Jessup, 2015). The fact that application could code with mobile devices made it a famous idea. Many people were excited about the useful features that came with using the product, such as listening to music without having to insert cables. The introduction of the product started at a relatively slow pace where individuals were trying to familiarize with the app. There was then a gradual increase in profit and performance as consumers had become more familiar with the product, and the enhancements were also made on the product. The people got used to this technology after some time and came up with new demands affecting the expansion of the product. Competition from other companies such as Apple Inc. and LG affected its performance; hence, a need for more innovation.

Crotale New Generation missile is another of Samsung’s technological innovations. It is an all-weather short-range air defense system which was developed in 1999. The system was created to provide defense for aircraft and helicopters in case of an attack (MACRAE, 2000). Even with this development, Samsung Thales never stopped there but went ahead to carry out more innovations on the same. The crotale mk3 was also developed by Samsung and started flight testing in 2008.

This innovation was more of an architectural because skills, lessons and technology on electronics were taken and applied to the aircraft and warfare (Datta, Mukherjee & Jessup, 2015). The demand for this innovation was inevitable due to the many wars among nations such as Russia and Pakistan. There was slow growth at the beginning as countries started adapting to the new system. Its use increased as warfare increased and there was a need for the defense forces to defend themselves during combat. The demand from the product became high, and the company saw growth with the product. But in the later years, the product got less popular when peace treaties were signed, and most countries decided to end the wars. The product’s demand reduced significantly, and it could not increase irrespective of the increased innovations on the same product. These meant that the company had to come up with a new product to cater to the unique demands.


First innovation of Samsung, the innovations to match the new demands that Samsung developed a micro-bit, so the consumers get new, faster wireless technology and this increased efficiency. Second innovation of Samsung, Crotale New Generation missile, it was developed for defensive. After that, new version of Crotela, Crotela mk3, developed much more architecturally and increased to demand incredably. After providing peace from countries in all over the world and then be observed that the missile reduced to demand.


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