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Cloning in Focus

This weeks lab focuses us on the topic of cloning. We hear about it often, might sometimes think about it, but do we really understand it? The goal of this lab is to help you further understand what cloning is and isn’t, as well as to understand some of the many social implications cloning can have, both good and bad.Thanks to the University of Utah, we have a great web based module that will allow us to better understand cloning. Though it may seem very elementary at first, I believe you will find that this online activity is an accurate, yet simplifies way of understanding cloning. Remember, in order to learn anything we always must start from the beginning!Here is the link you will need: through each link of this Web Quest.When you have completed the Web Quest complete the questions in the document attached, called”Cloning Worksheet”and save it to your own computer. (NOTE: You will see the worksheet by clicking the link above)Submit your completed work in using the Assignment Function link above. Again, you will have to save the attached document to your computer in order to complete it.

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