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chose an influential public figure working in America from the mid-19th century to the present


Thesis: Mary McLeod Bethune ensured his life goal was to facilitate better lives for African Americans. Throughout her years as a political and civil rights activist, she was known as the “First Lady of Struggle” as she advised several U.S. presidents on the uplifting of Black people since the 20th Century. She never gave up on her passion to teach and educated young African American students. She believed that the key to racial advancement was education. She was an educator, organizer and political activist. She also founded one of the first schools for African American girls and was named the “First Lady of Negro America”. She would be a beneficial in today’s era because of the racial and social divide that is visually and physically experienced in modern day of age. Leaders such as her with skill sets of introducing education and rising of African American leaders instead of the hearsay is an inspiration for your African American to emulate.

I. Facilitated better lives for African Americans

a. founding the Daytona Literary and Industrial Training School

b. Devoted teacher that never turned a child away, even if they were unable to pay tuition

1. Monetary donations we provided from various community collections

c. Opened a high school and later on a hospital for blacks

II. Political and Civil Rights Activist

a. Director of the Negro Affairs of the National Youth Administration

b. Fought for the right of education and freedom from racial discrimination

c. Uplifting the Black Communities

III. Served as an advisor to several U.S. presidents

a. Red cross decided blacks were allowed to perform same duties as whites

IV. Legacy and Honors

a. The First Lady of Negro America

b. Founded the National Council for Negro Women in 1935

c. Bethune-Cookman University


1. J.L. Woods

2. Women in History. Mary McLeod Bethune.


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