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Are Ghosts Real

Please make sure your speech follows the Informative Speech Outline TemplatePreview the document before submitting. Upload as a .doc, .docx., or .pdf only.

You have one of two ways to submit your outline to Brainfuse.

First way: Online Submission

Make sure that you submit your draft to Brainfuse for corrections first. Brainfuse will then send you the corrections it may take up to 24 hours to get it back so do not procrastinate. Once you have your corrections made to your draft you will need to submit the Brainfuse form along with your draft in this assignment.


Second way: Live Chat 24/7

When you go into Brainfuse you will select Live Tutoring and pick English as the subject then select Writing. You will chat with a tutor and submit  your outline for instant feedback. You will need to take screenshots of your chat with the live tutor and submit those along with your revised outline draft in this assignment.

Topic: Are Ghosts Real?

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