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1. Based on your reading of the attached article Organizational Intelligence Surveys (Falleta …

1. Based on your reading of the attached article, Organizational Intelligence Surveys (Falleta, 2008), answer the following questions: a. What is organizational intelligence and how can it be measured? Do you think that organizational intelligence is a consideration within your current organization? Explain b. When you hear the term evidence based research what does that mean to you and how can such research enhance organization planning and assessment? Explain. 2 paragraphs 2. In this course youll be required to develop a survey of an organization. The goal is to research some aspect of problem area in that organization. Discuss your organization (where you work) or a local business or non-profit organization that you would be interested in surveying. Do you have access to organizational members and why would they be appropriate participants (sample population) for your survey? Explain. 2 paragraphs Please provide references

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